Jerry_CalviHypnosis is a tool which can be used to tap these hidden resources of the mind. It is as old as mankind and has been used by every civilization from the beginning of recorded history. It has undergone periods of acceptance as well as rejection and has been known by many names.

Hypnosis, from the Greek “hypnos.” means sleep; but nothing could be further from the truth. Through hypnosis you can awaken resources you weren’t even aware of. Benefits can range from enjoying simple relaxation to opening gates of creativity.

Practical applications include habit control ranging from smoking and overeating to fingernail biting; overcoming insomnia and phobias; managing stress and pain; increasing concentration and memory, and improving proficiency in activities from sports to salesmanship. This pamphlet is intended to answer your questions about the often misunderstood science of hypnosis.

Non_smoking_signStop Smoking in
Just One Session!

The Calvi Clinic has specialized in helping smokers “kick the habit” successfully in one hypnosis session for the past twenty-eight years.
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Weight Loss Without Weekly Meetings, Guilt, or Special Diets

Weight LossIf you would like to lose weight but have trouble getting started and staying motivated, then perhaps this is the answer for you.  This program is designed to help you reach your goals without weekly meetings, guilt, or special diets. Just eating the same nutritious foods your family eats and leaving out the unwanted calories.
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