Lose Weight


If you would like to lose weight but have trouble getting started and staying motivated, then perhaps this is the answer for you.  This program is designed to help you reach your goals without weekly meetings, guilt, or special diets. Just eating the same nutritious foods your family eats and leaving out the unwanted calories.

  • Eliminate eating sweet or salty snacks.
  • Eliminate eating between meals especially when; angry, nervous, frustrated or bored.
  • Eliminate eating when arriving home from work or other activities.
  • Eliminate tasting foods while cooking.
  • Eliminate eating leftovers while cleaning or while watching TV.
  • Eating the same way on weekends or days off as during the week
    (So you don’t feel you deserve something for being so good all week).
  • Being satisfied with one portion at your normal meals.
  • Feel comfortable preferring foods like vegetables, fruits, salads and/or a little lean meat.
  • Custom programs available to suit your special needs.
  • Free reinforcement tape of session.