Weight Loss Supplements

Weight Loss Suplements

Along with  the hypnosis sessions for weight loss, the Calvi Clinic can offer you additional assistance with a Starter Kit of Transitions which is a 30 day supply of the Fat Conversion Inhibitor and Carbohydrate Absorption Inhibitor supplements and a Daily Journal, a Support DVD and a Audio CD.

Weight loss aids and ready to eat convenient dinners are also available for your convenience to help you in your hypnosis assisted weight loss program.


Starter_Kit-1The Transitions™ Lifestyle System is composed of a multifaceted approach to healthy living through low-glycemic eating, stress reduction and exercise. The Transitions Kit is designed to start you on achieving your weight loss goals. Includes the Lifestyle System Daily Journal, Carbohydrate Absorption Inhibitor, Fat Conversion Inhibitor and support CDs.

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Meals-2These handy meals are designed to be an additional tool supporting the Transitions Lifestyle System®. You can use these healthy, portion-controlled meals for any lunch or dinner, especially when you are short on time and long on hunger! Easily microwavable, each entrée provides a healthier meal option.

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The complete line of Transitions can aid you in your quest to shed the pounds to a healthier you.  One of the key results of the Fat Conversion Inhibitor is that it helps control appetite.  The Thermochrome Ephedra Free will burn fat 24 hours a day.  The Carbohydrate Absorption Inhibitor  and CLA Transitions metobilizes carboyhydrates and fats in your body respectfully and helps you with reducing the cravings of those items.

With these Transitions supplements and following this program your body will turn to the glycemic index and the weight will begin to come off.  The products can be used as a set or individually.


Fat_Conversion_InhibitorStimulant-free Transitions™ Fat Conversion Inhibitor contains garcinia cambogia, which helps to inhibit the fat conversion process in the body’s cells. This promotes effective burning of calories, which further promotes weight loss for those individuals looking to reap the most benefits from a healthy, active lifestyle. It also helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and plays a role in promoting optimal serotonin levels — known to control appetite and give you control over what you eat.

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Thermochrome_Ephedra_Free-4Thermochrome™ Ephedra Free stimulates thermogenesis — the production of heat generated from the burning of consumed and stored fat, which helps to activate brown adipose tissue, or what is called “brown fat.” Brown fat produces heat by burning a high amount of calories. ThermoChrome Ephedra Free is a viable alternative to ephedrine-based products to help you lose weight, burn fat and burn more calories. Promotes healthy blood sugar levels and contains key ingredients that support normal metabolic functions.

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Carb_Absorption_Inhibitor-5Transitions™ Carbohydrate Absorption Inhibitor works to inhibit the absorption of starch by the small intestines, forcing it to be broken down and used as food for “good” bacteria in the colon. An excellent product for carbohydrate lovers, it is a natural complement for Transitions Fat Conversion Inhibitor. Contains magnesium, chromium and vanadium, an essential trace mineral only recently identified as being truly essential in humans. Works on the enzymes of the small intestine to inhibit the breakdown of starch into glucose.

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CLA-6Transitions™ CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Caffeine Free is ideal for those who have lost weight or are losing weight and want the extra support to keep it off. CLA has been shown to enhance fat breakdown (lipolysis) within the muscle tissue and create more lean muscle.

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